One Pint Problem

You are given a 5 pint container and a 3 pint container. How can you measure exactly one pint of liquid? (You have an unlimited supply of liquid to help you.)

Train Traveller

Every day, Johan takes the train to travel from his work back to Dietersberg, where he lives. Usually, he arrives at the station of Dietersberg at six o’clock, and exactly at that moment, he is picked up by his wife by car. Yesterday evening, Johan took an earlier train, without informing his wife, and therefore […]

World Cup

A set of soccer games is to be organized in a round robin (e.g. every team plays a match against each other one time). If 45 games are played, how many teams participated?

Three Coins

A teacher places three coins in front of her student: 1 copper, 1 silver, and 1 gold. She tells her student, “If you tell me a true statement, you will be given one of the coins. But if your statement proves to be false, you will be given nothing.” What should the pupil say to […]

The Bridge

Like clockwork, the bridgemaster emerges every 17 minutes to terrify those who attempt to cross the bridge. Four brave souls approach and want to cross before the bridgemaster appears. Each one travels at their own pace; 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, and 10 minutes respectively. Additionally, they have one torch between them and cannot […]

Merry Christmas

How many presents did I get for Christmas if all of them are CDs except two, all of them are bottles of wine except two, and all of them are boxes of chocolate, except two?


Every year Santa changes the order in which his single line of nine reindeer will pull his sleigh (to avoid jealousy among the reindeer, obviously). This year the elves responsible for harnessing the team have been given the following instructions: Comet behind Rudolph, Prancer and Cupid. Blitzen behind Cupid and in front of Donder, Vixen […]

Consecutive Letters

Insert two consecutive letters of the alphabet to make English words (can be inserted at the beginning, middle or end) and note that the letters must be consecutive within the word, e.g. mae + uv = mauve cin aost boat Now try inserting three consecutive letters: ine cay ack