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At a recent family reunion there was one grandmother, one grandfather, two fathers, two mothers, four children, three grandchildren, one brother, two sisters, two sons, two daughters, one father-in-law, one mother-in-law, and one daughter-in-law. Given that some people could have multiple roles, what would be the minimum number of people who must have attended, and who were they?

A young boy and his two sisters, their parents and paternal grandparents.


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  1. kendyZdad

    The way you asked and answered this you have: 3 sons in the young boy, his father and the grandfather (unless he is Adam); and 4 daughters in the two sisters, their mother and the grandmother (unless she is Eve) so 7 is too many people. Additionally, you didn’t state that these people all have these relationships to each other and that there are not family members (such as brothers, sisters, husbands, wives) who did not attend the reunion.

    So the way this is written, the answer is 4: a Grandfather; a Grandmother; a Son; and a Daughter.

    1 Grandmother: The Grandmother (1)
    1 Grandfather: The Grandfather (2)
    2 Fathers: The Grandfather (2), His Son (3)
    2 Mothers: The Grandmother (1), Her Daughter (4)
    4 Children: The Grandfather(2), Grandmother (1), Son and Daughter (4)
    3 Grandchildren: The Grandfather (2), Grandmother (1) and Son (3) (or Daughter)
    1 Brother: The Grandfather (2)
    2 Sisters: The Grandmother (1), the Daughter (4)
    2 Sons: The Grandfather (2), the Son (3)
    2 Daughters: The Grandmother (1), the Daughter (4)
    1 Father-In-Law: The Grandfather (2)
    1 Mother-In-Law: The Grandmother (1)
    1 Daughter-In-Law: The Grandmother (1)

  2. Bigtree

    Four(4) is the correct answer. One grandmother and Grandfather are also fathers and mothers so they are rolled up in Two fathers and mothers. Two fathers and mothers makes at least four people right there. Those four people are all children and grandchildren. The guys could be brothers who’s siblings are dead or otherwise not attending, same for sisters. All guys are sons and girls daughters. Anyone could easily carry the “in-law” status and simply not be with the people who gave them that status.

  3. admin

    I’m happy to accept that as the question didn’t state that they have these relationships with EACH OTHER that you could argue that the answer is 4.

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