Merry Christmas

How many presents did I get for Christmas if all of them are CDs except two, all of them are bottles of wine except two, and all of them are boxes of chocolate, except two?

The regular and astute pzzlr visitor will note that this is a Christmassy themed reworking of the puzzle How Many Flowers posted earlier in the year (I’m just testing to see who’s paying attention).

I have one CD, one bottle of wine and one box of chocolates (or possibly two foot massagers and no CDs, bottles of wine or boxes or chocolate).

Merry Christmas from Pzzlr!


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2 Responses to Merry Christmas

  1. Mark

    Two? How can you say that? With only 2 gifts, if all gifts are CD’s except 2 then that means that no gifts are CDs, which contradicts the premise.

    The answer is 3: one CD, one bottle of wine, and one box of chocolate.

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