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Every year Santa changes the order in which his single line of nine reindeer will pull his sleigh (to avoid jealousy among the reindeer, obviously). This year the elves responsible for harnessing the team have been given the following instructions:
Comet behind Rudolph, Prancer and Cupid. Blitzen behind Cupid and in front of Donder, Vixen and Dancer. Cupid in front of Comet, Blitzen and Vixen. Donder behind Vixen, Dasher and Prancer. Rudolph behind Prancer and in front of Donder, Dancer and Dasher. Vixen in front of Dancer and Comet. Dancer behind Donder, Rudolph and Blitzen. Prancer in front of Cupid, Donder and Blitzen. Dasher behind Prancer and in front of Vixen, Dancer and Blitzen. Donder behind Comet and Cupid. Cupid in front of Rudolph and Dancer. Vixen behind Rudolph, Prancer and Dasher.

What is the order of the reindeer?

Prancer, Cupid, Rudolph, Dasher, Blitzen, Vixen, Comet, Donder, Dancer


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