The Bridge

monet bridge

Like clockwork, the bridgemaster emerges every 17 minutes to terrify those who attempt to cross the bridge. Four brave souls approach and want to cross before the bridgemaster appears. Each one travels at their own pace; 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, and 10 minutes respectively. Additionally, they have one torch between them and cannot cross the bridge without it.

The bridge cannot sustain more than two brave souls at a time. What is the order in which they should cross?

The first two brave souls cross first for a total of 2 minutes. The first brave soul brings back the Torch and thus 3 minutes have gone by. The last two cross for a total of 13 minutes upon which the second brave soul returns with the Torch for a total of 15 minutes. Finally the first two souls re-cross and 17 minutes have gone by. Quickly now, the bridgemaster is returning!


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5 Responses to The Bridge

  1. mike

    why not just let 10 minute guy hold the tourch
    he and 1 minute go together, after 1 minute, 2 minute man leaves, after 3 minutes, 5 minute guy leaves
    everyone if across in 10 minutes

  2. Vicky

    Why can’t 10 min man start across with 1 min man and, when 1 min man gets off bridge, 2 min man goes across while10 min man is still crossing, then 5 minute man. All get across in 10 minutes with one torch and only two men on bridge at a time.

  3. blockward

    mike & Vicky:

    “they have one torch between them and cannot cross the bridge without it”… So every pair of brave souls must cross together, with the pace of the slower brave soul dictating the pace of both.

  4. mike

    touch makes no difference…any way you do it, someone is on one portion of the bridge while another has the torch. our way the torch is always on the bridge

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